USW Las Vegas Convention

Good evening everyone

Day 1 August 12th 2011


 I  made it safe and sound to Las Vegas after a slight delay in Charlotte NC due to some mechanical failures on the plane. Day 1 of preparation for the convention woke up am and headed down to the registration area to register , attended a briefing with USW President Leo Gerard amongst others and then off to the appeals committee meeting, followed by stuffing over 3000  bags that will be handed out at the convention. 


Day 2 August 13th 2011


  Today I went down and registered myself as a delegate we have one vote at the convention, it was a bit of  long process seeing as the printers were down. Got to meet alot of new people and exchanged some really good ideas with respect to our upcoming contract.


 Day 3 August 14th 2011


     Today was a free day took in the sites and did some more networking with other locals.


Day 4 August 15th 2011


    Woke up headed to the convention walked around all the booths talked to lots of people about different ideas from icd which stands for institute for career development to pensions and health care got lots of good advice. convention started 10 am was opened up with national anthem along with a very motivational speech from Leo Gerard .This years theme is we need to stand up and fight back. Followed by many wonderful speakers and resolutions 1,2,3,4 being presented.


Day 5 August 16th 2011

  Convention today  started at 9am we wad lots of great speakers some of whom where the wife of Los Mineros President Napoleon Gomez and Napoleon himself spoke to the brothers and sisters via teleconference from Canada.Many resolutions were heard and the business of the convention was carried out in a democratic process.Brothers and sisters took to the microphones rising to or against each resolution.

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